Fun Intended


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Discontinued shade.  Grab it if you want it because it will not be back once it's gone!

Fun Intended nail polish, available in full (15ml) & tall mid (9ml) size. New in shade in the Spring Chic collection.  Fun Intended is a bright pastel neon pink crelly with a mix of neon pink, neon orange, metallic silver, metallic orange, metallic magenta & tiny white stars, hex, short bars & dots plus neon pink butterflies.   Opaque in 2-3 coats & meant to be worn on its own.  

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Some of the pics used in this listing are courtesy of The Lacquerologist, XOXO Jen, Pointless Cafe' & Sassy Paints 2012 blogs.  I will add more blog links as I see them.  If you have a review and would like your link or pics posted, please email the link to the post to  Thank you  all for your work, it's very much appreciated!