A treadmill is a common and most used equipment to do workout. When you buy the product you should always be conscious about the storage of the product as well as its maintenance. As the product is large in size so you need to first figure out where will you store the machine. Finding a perfect place inside your house is a difficult thing. With limited space inside your house, you will have an idea of keeping your device inside your garage, as it has ample of place. But there are certain advantages and disadvantages of keeping it inside the garage. So, at first let us see the advantage and disadvantage of keeping your treadmill inside the garage.


  • Putting your treadmill inside your garage has a benefit that you don’t have to be wet in rain or snow. You will be safe inside your garage.
  • Keeping it in your garage will help you to save a lot of space inside your home.
  • If you have small children at home then keeping your treadmill in the garage is a safe option. Keeping the device in your garage will be hard for your children to access and will be safe and can be locked inside.
  • One of the best advantages of keeping your treadmill inside the garage is that the sound of it cannot disturb your household activities or cannot disturb anyone sleeping inside the room.
  • Keeping your device in the garage can help it to stay cool while the device is running. It can fix problems like overheating of the device.
  • Keeping the treadmill inside your house will not look good at all as this doesn’t look like any decorative piece, so it may spoil the look of your house or it may arouse a gym look inside your house.
  • It doesn’t at all look nice if your home smells like a gym. It is also unhealthy for your family and your children.


  • The main problem is that the moisture content of the garage can seriously damage the device. The water if penetrates inside the covers or other parts can damage it seriously.
  • The second is you have to take care of the dirt and dust. A garage is the storing place for certain things that are not needed every time. And if there is dirt and dust in the garage it can damage the device by accumulating inside it.
  • Manufacturer recommends not to keep the product inside your garage as the weather condition can damage the treadmill. Heat doesn’t create too many problems for the device but cold can damage the screen of the treadmill as well as the belts and this can reduce the lifespan of the device.
  • Due to dust and dirt in the garage (as it becomes the store room for many) it has to be cleaned regularly and it will create extra work for you on a daily basis.
  • While doing workout or exercise you will feel bored doing it and will not feel energetic any more. Rather then if you opt for doing it outside in the garden you will enjoy doing exercise in the open air. Neither you will feel hot nor you will be bored. Rather, you will feel energetic with the sound of nature.
  • You will not get much oxygen inside your garage that is not good for health as the garage doesn’t have any windows in it. During workout or exercising your body needs a large amount of oxygen and if you don’t get so then your workout can turn out into several dangers.

Additional tips for keeping Treadmill in the garage:

Keeping your treadmill in the garage can be of several dangers. Suppose, if you are doing a workout in the garage (running or walking at a fast speed) and you fall from it, no one will get the sound of you falling down or anything and cannot be rescued. So, it will be a very dangerous situation. Another thing is that the garage not only contains the treadmill it also contains many other things like the toolkit of the car or other mechanical things. And suppose you fall upon the sharp tools, it will be very dangerous. So this type of serious health risk can cause severe damage. Therefore, it is recommended to keep it outside the garage.


It is not at all recommended by me or rather the manufacturer to not store it inside the garage as it will lead to many dis-function of the machine and will destroy it completely. As the machine is bulky and of high price, therefore you need take care of the product. If you keep it inside the garage there are many things that will completely destroy it and it is always not possible to buy such a costly thing twice. You can keep it in the garden or lawn in your house rather than keeping it inside your house and garage. There are also certain disadvantages of keeping it in your lawn. The best option is to make a seperate room for your workout purpose as it will neither disturb your household nor any other problem will be there that will destroy your device. Make the room more open so that ample air can pass inside the room. Therefore, you can read all cons and pros, and then finally decide where you should keep your device and it will be safe there.