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Prince change for full size bottles

Just a heads up there is a slight price change on the full and mid size bottles. If there are any mini size (7ml short bottles) left, those will remain $5.  All polishes that have a crelly, jelly or shimmer base with any pigment and/or expensive shimmer flakes in them have gone up to $10/each for full size and $7/each for mid size due to supply cost increases.  The full size bottles are all professionally screen printed and come with the premium, more expensive flat brushes.  The mid size bottles come with a good brush but it's long and skinny.  Any glitter toppers will be $9.50 for full size and $6.75 for mid, unless it contains an expensive flakie or shimmer.  You may get some older colors in full size that still have the clear sticker labels, but most of those are sold out.  Most of the ones listed on Etsy have clear sticker labels and the prices on those haven't gone up. The colors on Etsy will remain the lower price until all the printed bottles make their way to the Etsy vault.  The colors listed on Etsy are the discontinued/retiring colors. I've been gradually making the transition from stickers to printed bottles.  Packaging and supply expenses have gone up and I had to adjust my pricing accordingly.  I do have sales, giveaways and discount codes active quite often if you follow my IG and Facebook page. I've also added a few more things to the packaging, including pink or black organza bags in each order, professionally printed thank you card inserts are on order. Price changes are in effect immediately.  Thanks for all of your support and understanding!

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Bonnie & Clyde, Re-Fresh to Death, Pink Stilettos and Wifey Material Launch on 4/5/14!

The 1-2 week shipping turnaround time has been lifted.  I am now back to shipping within 5-7 business days, most of the time much sooner.   If your order isn't shipped by the 7th business day, you will get your shipping fully refunded.  This is a fast shipping guarantee. 

On Saturday, April 5, 2014, the second duo collaboration between Dolly and myself, Bonnie & Clyde, will launch at exactly noon (12 PM) central US time zone.   Bottles will be very limited and numbered on the bottom, just like last time.  There will be no delays on launch time OR shipping this time.   Everything is bagged up, cards and bottles are matched and we were way more prepared this time than last time.  I also have a new employee that's been working with me now for about 3 weeks, so shipping times are back to the normal 7 business days.  Thanks for everyone's patience while I looked for another employee!  Dolly and I are so excited about how Bonnie & Clyde turned out.  The response has been overwhelming and we really appreciate it! The duos will be available here and at www.dollishpolish.com again, just like last time.  Both sites are open to worldwide shipping.  Mine is only for a limited time, but has been since today.  

Also launching at noon central US time zone on Saturday, April 5th are the following brand new colors: Wifey Material, Pink Stilettos and Re-Fresh to Death.  Use the links to see the amazing swatches and reviews done by all the talented bloggers!  Thanks to all who helped make this possible for us, we appreciate it and are excited to keep it going!   The next couple coming up will be Marilyn Monroe and J.F.K.! 

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Restock list for 3/28/14 Shipping back to Normal

I am now back to shipping within 5-7 business days, most of the time much sooner.   I recently temporarily had to extend my shipping time to 1-2 weeks, but that is no longer necessary as I've found an employee!  If your order isn't shipped by the 7th business day, you will get your shipping fully refunded.  This is a fast shipping guarantee.

On March 28th, the following colors were restocked.  All that's listing is everything I have in stock and there will not be another restock of any of the below colors until after the launch of Bonnie & Clyde, Re-Fresh to Death, Pink Stilettos and Wifey Material. 

Polishes restocked (some in only full size, some in both sizes, some in only mid size-9ml):

Candy Land (original mix)

Candy Land Remix 

Breakfast at Tiffany's Cousin's

Midnight Rainbow

What Are You Smokin' Mirrors

Ghosts of Candy Corn Past

Dream in Color


Betty's Fetti Milkshake

Sparkle on the Vine

Multi Trick Pony

You Can't Turn a Ho-lo into a Housewife

Hex on the Beach

Princess Breath

Princess Bubblegum

All of the Lights

Love Me

Lights Out

Barney Blew Up



Strawberry Cupcake


Olive You

Just Claws


O Holo Night

Blue Ivy (sold out)

Honey Blue Blue (sold out)

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

There Are No Season's In Indie

She Blinded Me With Science

 *Please note, this may not the complete list of restocked colors. If you see a color you want that is sold out, kindly let me know and I'll try to restock it for you before you checkout.  Thanks.

Any polishes found in the "coming soon" section have not been released yet.  Wifey Material, Re-Fresh to Death, Bonnie & Clyde and Pink Stilettos will all be released for the first time on April 5th.  Please follow @jindienails on IG and Facebook for an exact launch time for all of the new polishes.  The Recover Me Collection that includes, K.I.S.S. and Just Say Glow will also have 3 or 4 more polishes added to the collection and will be releasing in mid to late April as planned.  I will update the website with swatches of the last few polishes in that collection as soon as I have them.

You had a choice & you chose Jindie Nails!  Thank you!  Happy shopping...(if shopping makes you as happy as it makes me :).


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Bonnie & Clyde, Re-Fresh to Death, Pink Stilettos & Wifey Material Launch!

On March 28, 2014, the website was updated and restocked with with all inventory in stock.  There was not any announcements made about this as I am am preparing for the Bonnie & Clyde launch for April 5th.   My apologies if this has caused any inconvenience for anyone.  There There will not be another restock of regularly stocked colors until after April 5th.  If you want to combine any orders with any upcoming launches, please email me at jindiellc@gmail.com and leave a comment during checkout and I'm happy to hold and combine orders.  I'll refund the shipping overpayment in approximately one week after payment. Please see blog post here for a complete list of colors restocked on March 28th.  

On April 5, 2014 (no time set yet) the following polishes will be launching for the first time:

Bonnie & Clyde Collaboration with Dollish Polish

Pink Stilettos-Collaboration with the blogger, Ria-Polishaholic.

Wifey Material (sister polish to You Can't Turn A Ho-lo into a Housewife)

Re-Fresh to Death 

No discount codes eligible for Bonnie & Clyde or any future "Famous Couples Throughout History" duos with Dollish Polish and myself.  If you have a discount code you want to use, simply check out separately and I'll combine and refund your shipping overpayment within approximately one week.   The duos will be limited in stock with numbers on the bottom of each bottle, just like last time.  There will be no delays with this coming up launch as we have everything bagged up, custom post cards matched up and ready to go!  Follow Jindie Nails on Facebook and IG for the launch time on 4/5/14! 

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Romeo & Juliet Duo available at Dollish Polish now!

There are a few of the limited edition Romeo & Juliet duo collaboration left at dollishpolish.com.  The duo is sold out here, but some are available on Dolly's site.  There aren't that many left, so hurry if you want one because they will not be back!  Reviews & photos can be seen if you click on the product link here.

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