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Shipping Update as of 4/17/15, Thursday night

Just a quick post to let everyone know that all outstanding orders were processed today but only half made it out by the time mail picked up. I will be shipping the remaining orders all by Saturday. I'm hoping to get them all out by tomorrow, but just to be safe,I'll say by Saturday they will be shipped. Anyone I spoke with that wanted their orders held until Friday/payday, I have held those orders for you until I get the green light to ship.  I have combined and refunded all multiple orders. If you did not see your refund yet, give it a few days then contact me and I'll take care of that for you.  Thanks for all your patience.

Blogger & IG bloggers will have packages out by Saturday as well.   The quicker I can get better photos for the site, the better.  I haven't officially announced any new colors as I don't have great photos yet, but if they are  not sold out, you can purchase any of the colors in the "coming soon" section. 

Thank you all so much...it's been an inspirational blast creating these colors for you all! Enjoy & get your sparkle on.....your nails.  ✨

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Soul, Funk & Disco reveal & launch is live!

All of the eight new polishes in the Soul, Funk & Disco collection are all listed and live as of last night. If something you wanted is sold out from the new collection, contact me and I may have it, but simply need to pour it.  I can do that for you.  I have the entire collection/set listed together available in full 15ml and mid 9ml size, for a discounted price.  You can also purchase each polish individually.  You can find each individual, new polish here, including the 2 new polishes not in this collection called Shine & Dine & I've Got 99 Problems & Polish IS One!  These will be restocked periodically as I do have the batches made, just need to pour more as needed.  Please let me know if any of the newest polishes in either size are out of stock, & I will restock it for you.  I just wanted to get all the way caught up before I poured and listed a ton of polishes.  I do not want to get past my approximate 2 week shipping/processing time.  This is an approximate time, as I can't predict what may come up in life. I am a mother, so things do come up that slow me down all the time.  I do not work on weekends or holidays, unless my son is spending time with his dad, otherwise, I spend weekends with my son.  I spend every holiday with my son.  Thank you for understanding.  

My website has been glitchy a lot lately, especially with my shipping rates.  If you feel your shipping rate is an error, kindly contact me at jindienails@gmail.com, and I will fix your shipping by refunding the difference within 3-5  business days (so all payments clear).  If you do mistakenly end up with free shipping, yet your order does NOT total $75 BEFORE shipping & all discounts are taken, this is also an error. The only way anyone should get free shipping is if they meet the following criteria: 1.  You live in the US only.  2.  Your order totals $75 or over AFTER discounts,  taxes (7.5% for the state of Florida residents only) & shipping rates are added.   In other words, the SUBTOTAL BEFORE shipping, taxes & discounts are taken out, must total at least $75 or more to be eligible for free US shipping.   International orders, (including Canada), do not qualify for free shipping, for any reason-sorry.  If you end up with free shipping, and do not meet the criteria, it is a mistake and I will have to send you a PayPal invoice to cover shipping costs before paying for and printing your shipping label.  I'm terribly sorry for the mix-up, but I cannot ship your order until the shipping is paid.  I will email you to let you know if this happens, but please take a look at your orders now, and if you happen to be one of the people who ended up with free shipping or paid way too much for shipping by mistake, if you let me know now, it will be a lot quicker to get your shipping invoice sent, and order processed and shipped.  My shipping rates for US should be as follows: 1-2 polishes $3.  3-4 polishes 

Thank you for your cooperation and I do apologize for the inconvenience.  I'm working on finding a better web host, because little glitches like this keep happening with this current host, and sometimes I do not catch them.  I had an honest customer let me know about the free shipping glitch, otherwise, I would not have known.  I appreciate that customer's honesty, and she will be rewarded.  

Any orders containing the Batman/Joker duo's are going out today and tomorrow.  All off those that were waiting on the Soul, Funk & Disco Collection reveal to see if they wanted to add on to any current orders to save on shipping will receive a FREE, surprise 9ml size new polish that nobody has yet.  

Thank you all for being so patient and you will be rewarded as promised.  I hope you all enjoy the new collection. It has been the most inspirational and fun collection I've created in the almost 3 years I've been doing this, so thank you and enjoy :)! 

 You had a choice & you chose Jindie Nails...thank you so much!!!  X  Jen

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Soul, Funk & Disco Collection Reveal and partial launch! 4/7/15-4/13/15

New Colors released, not in any particular collection:

The following polishes are all meant to be worn alone, no undercoat.  However, you can use just one coat of some of the new glitter polishes, and you can have yourself a glitter topper.  I prefer mine opaque and more sparkly :). 

The Batman & Joker Duo Collaboration with Jindie and Dollish Polish:  Colors include two full size (15ml bottles).  In stock on this website only and in limited supplies (under 10 I believe, plus a few on Etsy if you prefer to shop there instead).

Jindie Nails- Batman: Ever Danced with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight? See listing here for full descriptions & photos of both polishes in the duo.

Dollish Polish-The Joker: Why So Serious?.  CURRENTLY IN STOCK ON THIS SITE ONLY

I've Got 99 Problems & Polish IS One!A bold, deep, cobalt blue glitter with holographic and regular metallic micro glitters in several shades of blue and a few scatters of silver glitters.  Opaque in about 3 coats.  CURRENTLY STOCKED.

SHINE & DINE Named by my very smart 8 year old.  He loves puns as I do & he named this one all by himself. I loved the name he came up with & felt it was appropriate for the color, since it looks a bit like a Rose' wine :).  It's a hot, lipstick pink/red cream with intense purple/pink flash shimmer and bits of pink flecks throughout.  Opaque in just one coat.  I recommend a good shiny top coat for this one.  CURRENTLY STOCKED.


All new shades in the Soul, Funk & Disco Collection will be listed in the "coming soon" section starting Tuesday afternoon, 4/7/15.  The colors are listed below.  There will more added gradually within the next week 4/6/15- 4/13/15.  Some colors in the collection will be available Tuesday afternoon, 4/7/15.   As soon as I'm able to list all that I have ready to go and poured, I will list the entire collection together at a discounted price, as well as individually sold at regular price. 

The Batman/Joker Duo is still in stock on this site & my Etsy site (for those that prefer to shop on Etsy) only.  I have less than 10 left.  Get yours now before it's too late.   If you've already ordered yours, feel free to add on another order and I'll combine your orders and refund your shipping over payments.

All new colors are fully opaque on their own in about 2-3 coats, some in just one coat.  They were all designed to be worn alone, but some people prefer layering over other colors.  If that's what you prefer, use one very thin coat & a shiny top coat.

SOUL, FUNK & DISCO COLLECTION:  This collection will launch gradually, starting on Tuesday, 4/7/15 through 4/13/15.  The collection is quite large, so I'm adding them as the batches are ready and poured.  This will be an ongoing collection of colors, inspired by the first Disco, Funk & Soul (R & B) Era of Music.  This collection was inspired by a lot of Motown records, but some others are included as well.

I'M SO A-LIME A lime green scattered and linear holographic polish, with lime green/gold shimmer.  Gorgeous! COMING SOON!  This color will be listed in the coming soon section, Monday night around or before 9pm CST.  It will be available for sale sometime between 4/7/15-4/13/15.

I'm Rick James, B***H!I just had to.  This is hilarious and a quote he's known so well for :)! This color is a premium micro silver holographic glitter flake polish, with rainbow pearl flakes, real silver flakes, 3 different types of color shifting small, medium and large flakes and lots of shimmer.  The best part is that this one is FULLY opaque in just 2 coats...you could use just one and have a fully covered nail, but 2 looks better :). COMING SOON!  This color will be listed in the coming soon section by Monday night 4/6/15 around 9pm CST.  Pictures will be available the week of 4/6/15-4/13/15.

Baby Love, My Baby Love:   Inspired by artist, Diana Ross & The Supreme's song, Baby Love. This one is loaded with gold, bronze, rose, pink, magenta, copper, red, dots, squares and flakies, all in a coral pink semi sheer base.  CURRENTLY IN STOCK

Shake Your Groove Thing: Watermelon pink/red cream with red micro glitter and holo glitter.  Inspired by the artist: Peaches & Herb's popular song with the same name. CURRENTLY IN STOCK & LISTED now.

My Old Piano: In the upcoming Soul, Funk & Disco Collection.  Inspired by the song with the same name by Diana Ross.  This polish has multiple colors, shapes & sizes of neon, pastel, black and white glitters in rectangles, triangles, stars, dots, squares and hex in a white crelly base with multiple colors of shimmery flakes throughout.  Opaque in 2-3 coats.  Will be listed in the "Coming Soon" section soon and launching the week of 4/6/15-4/13/15. 

SUPER FREAK'N NEON- In the Soul, Funk & Disco Collection: A textured micro and small square and hex matte glitter topper with silver metallic sparkles throughout.  Looks great with or without top coat.  This polish is designed to be worn alone and is opaque in about 3 coats, but if also looks great over several different colors using just one or two thin coats.  COMING Monday night 4/6/15 around 9 PM CST.

Freeway of Love:  A bright pink crelly , inspired by Aretha's pink Cadillac in the song, Freeway of Love, by artist, Aretha Franklin.  COMING SOON! Launches the week of 4/6/15 - 4/13/15.

Psychedelic Shack: High quality, purple micro holographic flake glitter jelly polish with blue/purple shimmer, blue/purple shimmer pigment, micro violet holographic & sapphire micro and small hex.  This one's opaque in 2-3 coats .  Part of the Soul,Funk & Disco Collection.   COMING MONDAY NIGHT AROUND 9PM CST!

Some of the above listed new colors can be layered over many different colors by using a base coat of choice, and just one coat of the polish.  Pictures will be added this afternoon later, before the official launch Tuesday afternoon 4/7/15.


If you do NOT want me to hold any orders until the rest of the Soul, Funk & Disco Collection, is available,  and you'd like your Batman/Joker to be shipped immediately, please email and let me know.  Again, if you do wait and add on any polishes, no matter how many orders you place, I will ship all in one package and refund over payment of shipping, only charging the normal add on fee for each individual polish.  I know you haven't see all of the brand new, upcoming Soul, Funk & Disco collection, so if you want to go ahead and have your duo shipped now, that's fine.  If you want to take the chance on it being an EPIC collection, then wait if you can, because it's definitely worth it.  I'm pretty proud of this one, plus the entire collection will have a discounted price :)!  If you've already bought one or more of the collection and end up with all of them, I'll refund you the difference with the discount offered for purchasing the entire collection. 

Simply email me at jindienails@gmail.com and notify me of any changes you'd like to make, orders you'd like to hold, or orders you'd like to go ahead and have shipped.  Also, if you can find the link just before checkout that says "click here to add a note," please leave a comment there as well as the email.  Just make sure I see it.  If I don't respond within 48 business hours (not counting weekends or nights after 6pm) to an email, it means I did not see the email, so please make sure you get in touch with me to me somehow, possibly Facebook PM only as I don't see all comments or IG direct messages.  The best way to contact me is by email.  I usually see all emails, unless the go to spam folder, but I'll keep an eye on it.  I won't usually see the notes left on the orders at checkout until the day of shipping, which is why it's always best to email me too.  Thanks! 

Questions & Concerns: Please contact Jen  by email: jindienails@gmail.com. 

Some colors from this website will be moved to the Etsy store here, as they are being discontinued, or are seasonal and taking up space.  I do have some current, popular colors on Etsy, (for those that like to only shop on Etsy) but not all of my polishes are listed there.  Unless the polish says discontinuing in the description, it will eventually be restocked once sold out.  Not all colors on the Etsy site are being discontinued, but I wanted to make it easier to navigate this site, and still keep my Etsy customers happy.  Thanks & hope you all enjoy this amazing group of new colors as much as I enjoyed creating them for you all!! ♥♥♥♥

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Saturday, 4/11/15: Update on new Soul, Funk & Disco Collection:

I stayed up late working Friday night for time missed this week.  All is poured, all that's left to do is get the last 2 or 3 listings up, and add pictures to the ones up already & get pictures and add them to the new listings. Pictures take the longest....almost there. Working right now.

Hope to have it all done by Monday,  4/13/15.  Anyone waiting on this collection to add to any new colors to current open orders (that have no shipping labels printed) left, will get a free mid size bottle of one of the MANY new colors. Your free polish will be in 9ml, tall, mid size.

Please leave a comment or email me at jindienails@gmail.com if you have multiple orders I need to combine. Sometimes I catch it automatically, sometimes I don't. It's always best to email me AND leave a comment just before checkout, just some see it for sure.  Thank you for your patience and hope you all enjoy! Have a great weekend!

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UPDATE: Pre-sale is over and was a great success! Thanks to all who ordered theirs in advance.  If you missed out, there will be another, official launch next Friday, March 27, 2015 around 1pm CST, along with several new colors.  See below for details.  Thanks again!

Dollish Polish and I are so excited to bring to you our best duo yet! The Batman & The Joker Duo in line with our ongoing "Famous Couples Throughout History" theme.  Although these two were clearly not a "romantic" couple, this is the start of broadening our choices of couples to keep this fun and exciting for both Dolly and my fans!  The duo is available now for pre-sale on both jindienails.com (this site) and www.dollishpolish.com for one weekend only (3/20/15-3/22/15).  Both sites are open world wide for shipping.  Feel free to add on any other polishes in stock on this site if you are world wide (and obviously domestic as well).  This pre-sale listing for this site is here.

Next Friday, March 27th will be the official launch of the Batman & Joker duo on both websites. The polish made to represent The Batman, is made by myself, and is called "Ever Dance with the Devil in the Pale Moon Light?"  I decided to keep it old school with the colors on this one, while keeping a relatively new name.  The yellow and black traditional Batman colors are in the polish, but it's more made up of gold, silver and lots of shimmer in same colors.  There are black dots in medium and small, black small hex, black triangles, batman yellow squares, small hex and medium dots, silver metallic dots and hex and lots of real silver shimmer, gold dots, hex and shimmer all in a pale moon gray jelly base.  This one can be opaque in about 2-3 coats or you can wear it over several colors for lots of different looks.  This is available here on this site for pre-sale until Sunday night at midnight CST.  On Friday, I will have several new colors to launch with the official launch of what's left of this duo after all pre-sales are done.  I will combine any pre-sales with any purchases made next Friday and any purchases made in between now and next Monday, when the polishes will begin processing and shipping.  I will refund any over payment of shipping costs made by all customers. 

Dollish Polish contribution to the duo, The Joker is called "Why So Serious?"  Joker is a purple crelly loaded with tons of tiny hex in an array of colors from orange to black to lime green to mostly all the colors as seen on the Joker in one of the more recent Batman movies.  It's a stunner and opaque in 2-3 coats.  She is also having a pre-sale at the same exact time, offering world wide shipping and also launching more on Friday, March 27th, along with several new colors.  Dollish Polish is also offering world wide shipping. Dollish Polish also offers combined shipping refunds.  Please email her at dollface22772@hotmail.com to let her know you have multiple orders in case she doesn't catch both orders. 

We hope you all enjoy these polishes as much as we enjoyed creating them!  Stay tuned for more exciting new "couples" duos to come!  We love doing this and have no plans to stop so be ready :).  Thanks so much from Jen & Dolly!!! xoxoxoxo

You had a choice and you chose Jindie Nails!  Thank you!!

Click images below to go directly to the listing links on each site.  Enjoy :)!








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