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Higher Flower Restock

Due to popular demand, I'll be restocking Higher Flower, from the Recover-Me collection. on Monday, June 2, 2014 at 7pm central US time zone.  This is the only color I will be restocking at that time, as I have stockist and customer orders I have to catch up on.  I will combine orders if you email me at jindienails@gmail.com and let me know.  I can combine your order as long as your package has not been picked up or marked "accepted" on the USPS tracking info sent in the shipping notification email.  If you are a customer that has purchased the entire Recover-Me Collection, even if you purchased it at different times, will get a $5 refund.  Please email me and let me know you are expecting the refund b/c you ordered all 5 polishes.  This promo ended after the last polish in the collection was released (Higher Flower).  Thanks!

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Shipping update for orders placed from May 12-23rd


All orders placed from May 10-May 16th and some from the 17th are shipped as of today and if they did not go out today, they are in the out box for tomorrow's USPS pick up.  There were about 7-10 orders from May 16th misplaced out of order and those are all going out on Friday, June 13th, along with all the orders up to May 23rd.   All orders placed from May 18-May 29th will be processed and shipped out (accepted) by the USPS tomorrow and Saturday.   All orders placed from May 12-29th should have a free polish in each order called Patience is a Virtue, free full size for the longer than usual wait.  It's summer time and my kid's home from break, so my shipping turn around expectancy is anywhere from a week and a half to two weeks, not counting holidays or weekends.  Please remember that I print my shipping labels in bulk to save time.  It makes things move faster. Once you get your shipping notification, your order should be shipping in approximately one week max.  May 1st, my city was declared by the president as a natural disaster area and FEMA came here to help.  My son's father's home was completely destroyed in chest deep water.  He lost everything.  I helped him salvage everything as that is the house me and my 7 year old son evacuated to.  I expected my home to be damaged as it is surrounded by bay water, but mine was damage free, by the grace of God.  The only problem I had was the road leading to my work space was a lake for about two weeks and that set me behind.  It is not my customer's fault this happened, but I decided the best I could do to make up for time lost was to create a custom, one of a kind polish and include it in each order that was delayed.  I had to catch up those orders that were placed just before the flood before I could get to the rest and it did cause a delay. My apologies.  I hope and pray this never, ever happens again. Thanks again for your patience and please don't forget to post your manis on IG and Facebook and I will repost them!

XO Jen

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All orders placed between May 12 though May 29th will receive a special, exclusive, full size polish in your orders free of charge called Patience is a Virtue.  This promo ends at midnight May 29th CST.  If you've already ordered, you're good, don't do anything.  It will automatically be in your order(s). Hope this helps with the delays my computer issues and getting behind at the beginning of May due to the flood in my city.  You guys have been so sweet and patient while I catch up on everything and get the Recover-Me Collection released.  Thanks again!

xo Jen

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Launch for the rest of the Recover-Me Collection & Purplexed

I originally planned to launch Recover-Me and Purplexed on Friday at noon CST and again at 8PM CST, but my laptop crashed again Friday.  The launch was rescheduled for Tuesday at 9pm CST again, but had same issue.  I'm looking for a new laptop.  I've borrowed and I"m using a friend's laptop today and tonight to finally launch the remaining three polishes in the Recover-Me collection (Higher Flower, Love Yourself, Today's the 1st Day of the Rest of Your Life, plus Purplexed) at 8:20pm CST Wednesday night, May 28, 2014. 

I'm only going to do one launch for everyone that day and the launch will be open world wide since most stockists do not have any of the new colors , except Rainbow Connection UK (they have Purplexed). Sorry if this caused any issues with anyone.  If we've already spoken via email about holding your order(s) for the release of all of Recover-Me, I will still hold those orders until all polishes are released and I'll combine all orders, refund shipping over payments and ship all together.  I will be automatically combining multiple orders that my shipping program picks up, but sometimes it does not pick up every multiple order.  If one little detail is different in one of the orders, it will not show as a multiple order.  It's very important to leave a comment AND email me at jindienails@gmail.com if you have multiple orders that you would like to combine to save on shipping. I'll be combining orders all open orders today 5/29/14 and shipping all open orders out by tomorrow.  Anyone who ordered from Monday, May 12 through  last night will receive a special, exclusive polish that will not be released on the website :).  I wanted to wait to ship all orders together to save you guys on shipping.  You don't have to email me or anything.  I will automatically include this free, exclusive, full size polish in all orders placed from May 12- May29th (today).  If you order by noon central US time zone, you too will receive the free polish! Hurry!!

No discount codes will be eligible on the Recover-Me Collection, as I am discounting it already at $50 for 5 polishes, one of them being a linear holographic polish that is normally or individually $12 for full size (15ml) and $8 for mid size (9ml).  If you order them individually, you can use any discount codes you have, except for the linear holographic-Today's the 1st Day of the Rest of My Life.  No codes are eligible to be used on Purplexed (scattered and linear holographic polishes) either as it's made with linear holographic pigment and special effect colorant pigment.  Purplexed will be $11 for full and $7.50 for mid size.  All other polishes in the collection are eligible for discount codes.  I do not go back and refund discount codes later if you forget to use a code.   The only time I will do that is if it's something that was an error on my part, like giving the wrong code, not activating the code, etc.  Thanks for understanding and for your cooperation! :)

Thanks for your patience and happy shopping!

XO- Jen

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The launch of Mr. President & Ms. Monroe is at noon, Friday 5/16/14, central US time zone for the US ladies, and again at around 9:35pm central US time zone for the international ladies.  Please, no discount codes eligible on these duos.  Thanks for your cooperation and support.  Dolly and I appreciate OUR customers soooo much ♥! We've got even cooler duo's to come..just wait and see ;).

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