GTA San Andreas Mod Apk Download

GTA or Grand theft Auto is a game every gamer has played at least once in their lifetime. It is a part of our childhood nostalgia. Many of us grew up playing this game. Some of us also have participated in the tournament of this game. However, this game has winded up around our childhood.

Today the gaming industry has faced a huge transformation after the invention of Android. But still, most people miss the old version of the game. Although the GTA San Andreas is now available on every gaming platform, most of us still needed the Apk version to run it on Android rather than PlayStations, gaming consoles, or Xbox. Maybe that is why this game GTA San Andreas APK has a huge fan base among its consumers.

About This Game

This is a mission strategy game. The game starts when Carl Johnson or CJ leaves his home after his brother Sweet holds him responsible for the death of his other brother Brian. CJ became fed up and tried to live a happy and peaceful life far away from the gangs of Liberty City. But his life changes when he hears the news of the death of his mother, Beverly.

CJ decides to go back to her mother’s funeral. After arriving at the airport, he decides to take a cab. Then he was encountered with two corrupted cops Frank & CRASH. They told CJ, rather than threaten him that if he won’t do what they say, they will arrest him with the charge of another cop’s murder.

However, CJ attends his mother’s funeral and finds that his brother Sweety, who was the leader of the gang, was losing control. The business is being taken over by the rival gang. Hearing this, CJ decides to help his brother and regain power. Meanwhile, he finds the person responsible for the death of his mother & avenges her death.

Soon, CJ starts working with Big Smock and Raider. Somehow they succeeded to gain control over the streets. Their hard work pays off as they can make the city stand on its own feet by scathing off maximum gangs from the street.

But, in the meanwhile CJ comes across a dark secret. With the help of Caser, he gets to know that the drive-in shooting which resulted in his mother’s death was a trap. The bullet was not meant for her mother but it was a set-up. Someone wanted to kill his brother Sweety to take control of the roads of the city. By digging deeper, CJ also gets to know that the mastermind behind this set-up is none other than his co-worker Smock & Raider. They have been working for the corrupted cop CRASH &Ballas.

Will CJ be able to avenge his mother’s death? Can he kill both the traitors? Well, to find out, you need to play the game. You need to clear every stage. And after witnessing the exciting journey of CJ, you will find what will happen next. It is the battle of kill or gets killed.

Feature of this Apk

Well, talking about the gameplay, this GTA San Andreas is just like the previous versions. This is a third-person open-world game. But this time, the developers added a lot more features to this game. Some of them are much awaited. These features make the game more exciting and the story-based gameplay makes it one of the most loved games.

But some things never change. We enjoy the task-based progress where new areas unlock with the completion of every mission. These things just added the charm required to this game.

Well, the features in this game are endless. From wrecking with the polices to kicking the pedestrians this game has several features that make it more exciting. Here is a list of some of the features of this game.

  • There are many mini-games inside the game. You can play basketball, pool & many more arcade games. That includes casinos too. Where you can earn cash fast.
  • A whole new range of vehicle systems is introduced in this game. Starting from the bicycle, in this game, you can ride on ATVs, jets & tow trucks.

  • There are also some whole new sets of player activities that are added to this game. You can now swim underwater. This is what we eagerly wanted. Also, some features like rock climbing, fencing crossing is included.
  • The weapon system is enhanced and many more weapons are there. Also, you can use a homing missile to destroy the trucks.
  • Developers have improved the health system a lot in this game. You just need to look that CJ gets enough food to stay in shape & complete the missions.
  • Car customization garages, bar, cloth stores, barbershops are also added. You can now customize CJ just as you wish.
  • With the new smarter NPCs, the game AI is improved a lot.
  • This is just the beginning. There are many more features on the list that will amaze you when you play the game.

Minimum Requirements

GTA San Andreas has many players all around the world. It has been over a decade and people are still playing this game. But if you want to play the game then you need to check if the device is capable of taking this game or not.

GTA San Andreas Apk requires Android 7.0 or higher to run.

It requires a RAM of 1.5GB & 3 GB ROM with at least 2.2 GB free space to run.

Here is GTA San Andreas in a nutshell.

APK Name GTA San Andreas Apk
Latest Update 27-04-2020
Version 2.0
Android Version requirement Android 7.0 or higher
App Size 15.34MB
Developers Rockstar Games

How to Install the Apk?

You need to follow these simple steps to install it on your android. You have to check if your device is compatible or not before installing.

1. At first, go to Settings > Security and turn on the permission to download and third party installation

2. Click on the download link and download the Apk file – Download GTA San Andreas Apk

3. Click on the downloaded apk file to install it.

4. Restart and enjoy

Experience the Journey of Avenge & Justice

GTA San Andreas Apk is one of the most famous games in the world. Over the decade, this game has drawn gamers to it. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your game and experience the excitement.