Reason Behind Treadmill Belt Skipping or Slipping.

A treadmill is an equipment that is used for workout or for walking, running, climbing standing in one place. This equipment has a moving surface with conveyor belt which works with the help of flywheel or electric-motor. The surface moves rear and the individual has to work opposite to the moving surface matching the speed to it and can even run. The speed of walking or running can be controlled by the user. Manual treadmills are lighter in weight and are less expensive and work when a person pushes the belt backwards. The heavy and more expensive treadmill pro review is driven by a motor. Earlier, this equipment was used for punishment to prisoners. The people who are sentenced to hard-work in the prison they used to work on that. Now-a-days, it became a device for exercise and is one of the most selling work-out devices. It was also made to diagnose lungs and heart disease by Wayne Quinton and Robert Bruce.

Reason for treadmill slipping:

The upper surface or upper layer of the treadmill is made of PVC. Most of the people think it as rubber. PVC is more strong and durable than rubber. Slipping of the belt is a common problem. This problem can bring danger to our life if it regularly happens during the workout. Factors of slipping of treadmill are brand of the equipment and belt or age of the equipment and belt or condition of the same. Some of the common factor for which it is slipping are as follows :-

  1. Loose drive belt: The first reason is the drive belt may be loose. If the drive belt that is between the front roller and motor, stops and the motor of the treadmill is still running then you should check the front roller. The belt remains loose and keeps on slipping. If you try to tighten it up then the motor will simply burn.

How to overcome the problem:

The simple way is to change the belt or try to fix it with a belt dressing spray which will be a temporary solution.

  1. Loose walking belt: The second reason is losing your walking belt. If the walking belt is loose it may be the cause of slippage. The reason behind it is age of treadmill or constant usage of the equipment. It can be measured by lifting the belt up and checking its length if it’s too long then that means the belt has to be tightened. Tightening may cause any type of damage to the device so it is better to replace the belt.

How to Overcome the problem:

As mentioned above the belt has to be tightened or it’s better to replace the belt as tightening too much can cause damage to it.

  1. Lubrication of the belt: Shortage of proper lubrication in the belt is one of the major causes for skipping of treadmill. The belt of the treadmill works with the help of rollers to treadmill deck and for smooth working of the device the friction has to be reduced. Due to less lubricant the belt keeps on slipping and there will be an interference between your workouts.

After that, there is one type of treadmill that claims no maintenance is needed after the purchase of the product. This type of thing is told only for marketing. So, if you think you don’t have to do any service or maintenance then you are wrong, the first problem will be belt slippage. Therefore, you have to consult with the technicians to confirm that the problem is due to less lubrication of the belt. If you apply more oil to the belt it may damage the device.

How to Overcome it:

At first, you have to call the professional technicians for the treadmill that claims to be maintenance free. You need to oil the belt properly so that it remains lubricated.

  1. Loss of grip of pulley of the front roller: The pulley is used to direct the belt to complete the full operation and helps to accommodate the weight of the belt. Dye to loss of grip may slip. Due to slippage, there will be an alignment problem between the front roller and pulley. To know whether the above problem is the cause of slippage of the belt you have to just attach a coloured tape in the pulley and draw a straight line with permanent marker from pulley to the roller tube. And then just turn on the treadmill and focus on it. If you see that the drive belt and pulley are moving but the walking belt and front roller has no movement then it means that the pulley has lost its grip.

How to overcome it:

If this is the cause then the pulley needs to be repaired or the roller needs to be replaced.


The slipping of the belt is some of the common problems of treadmills. These problems can be solved by repairing (if required) or changing the damaged parts. The main reason behind the damage is regular usage and age of the product. So, to avoid these problems you need to regularly take care and do maintenance of the machine. Not only treadmill all types of machine need maintenance and care to work smoothly. You should never neglect the needs of the machine and should regularly do servicing.…